Profile Stem Bolts

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Profile Stem Bolt

Replacement/upgrade bolts for all Profile BMX, Madera Bmx, and Profile MTB stems.


-Most Bolts available in Chromoly and Titanium versions(Nova & BMX Wedge in CrMo only).

-Titanium bolts are 40% lighter than Chromoly(steel) bolts.

Bolt Sizes:
-BMX Pro (Push, Acoustic, Forty, Gen 1, Lockjaw, H.I.P., All Madera) : 5/16 x 18 thd x .875″ length
-BMX Mini Acoustic: M6 x 1 thd x 20mm length
-BMX Nova (CrMo Only): M8 x 1.25 thd x 29mm length
-BMX Wedge (CrMo Only): 5/16 x 18 thd x 1.25″ length
-MTB Helm Faceplate: M4 x 1 thd x 18mm length
-MTB Helm Steerer tube: M6 x 1 thd x 18mm length

Weigh(BMX Pro Bolt):
Chromoly: 12g/.42 oz
Titanium: 7g/.25 oz