Profile Hub Shims

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If your hub has a slight side to side wobble, then Profile Hub Shims may fix it. They are designed to be installed behind the bearing, requiring you to disassemble and then reassemble your hubs.

Hub Shims are only .005″ each. If there is a significant wobble to your hub, a shim is probably not going to make a difference- the wobble is being caused by a larger issue, such as worn out bearings or damaged parts. Putting more than 2 shims into a hub isn’t needed in the vast majority of cases.

Standard Shim Set for use with 6903 size bearings. Works with Profile Mini hubs, Elite hubs, Z Coaster™ hubs, Elite MTB hubs, Classic MTB hubs, High Flange hubs, Totem hubs, and Madera BMX hubs.

Price is for 4 shims.