Odyssey La Guardia

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A total redesign of our popular MDS sprocket. With a built-in full guard, this sprocket lives up to its name, helping to protect your chain from anything you can throw at it. Sprocket thickness increases towards the guard area for greater strength. Compatible with all chain widths.

7075 Aluminum
25t or 28t
Black only

Socket Drive™ (Black Only)
Spline Drive (with 19mm Adapter, Black Only)
Our sprocket evolution continues. The supplied adapter allows these otherwise Socket Drive™ sprockets to double as 19mm Spline Drive as well. We have seen a demand for our sprockets to work as Spline Drive, and this solution cleverly covers all the bases.
Socket Drive™ is a royalty-free interface. Please download the spec sheet for dimensions and tolerance specifications HERE to produce your own Socket Drive™ sprockets.