Madera C4 Rear Drive Side Hub Guard

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Madera C4 Drive Side Hub Guard

-The Madera C4 Drive Side Guard is made from injection molded plastic.

-Must be used with the proprietary steel insert which threads on 14mm axle and substitutes existing drive side jam nut.

-Can be used on all 14mm Rear Madera and Profile Cassette Hubs (including Madera V-2 and Gulf Coaster, and Profile Mini, Totem, Elite, and Zcoaster).

-Can be used on either RHD or LHD Hubs.

-Works only with 14mm axles

Note: Plastic wears faster than aluminum, especially when used on very rough surfaces. The Madera C4 guards are intended to be used for ramp and light street.

Colors: Black

Weight of Guard: 32g / 1.1oz

Weight of Insert: 34g / 1.15oz

Price is per one guard