Madera C4 Front Hub Guard

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-CNC machined from Delrin (a really strong and durable plastic)

-Can be used on Madera Pilot front hubs as well as Profile Elite, Totem, and Mini front hubs.

-Works only with Madera/Profile Knurled cones. Will NOT work with the older style, all  aluminum front  hub cones.

-You can buy an adaptable cone with the guard if you don’t have the right one.

-The hub guard slides over the hub cone – It will sit snug against your fork and hub cone when the wheel  is tightened down.

Note: Plastic wears faster than aluminum, especially when used on very rough surfaces. The Madera C-4 guards are intended to be used for ramp and light street.

Colors: Black

Weigh: 28g/.98 oz

Price for individual guard

Fits Profile Mini