Elevn Chainring Bolt 5pc Pack

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Elevn Alloy chainring bolts for 4 and 5 bolt BMX Racing Chainrings. 6.5mm Only

MATERIAL: Alloy (aluminum)
USE: Works with most 4-bolt and 5-bolt chainrings.
SIZE: "Short" for single chainrings. 6.5mm bolt with 4mm long nut.  Works with most gear and crank combinations.  Some spiders and gears are thicker and require "long" chainring bolts
INCLUDES: Set of 5
NOTE: To successfully use alloy bolts make sure you apply grease to the threads before tightening down. It is not recommended to use alloy bolts for riders over 120lbs.  Chromoly bolts are suggested for riders over 120lbs especially when using a 4-bolt spider.