AME Mini Grips

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The famous A’ME Triangle is on the end of one of the most popular BMX Grips of the 1980’s. Due to popular demand, the A’ME Tri Grip originally introduced in 1980, is being re-introduced to the BMX marketplace.


The NEW AME Tri Grips are composed of Vulcathane™, a specially blended rubber compound combined with UV stabilizing ingredients that exhibit superior oxidation and ozone resistance. As a result, A’ME Tri Grips will not absorb moisture, deteriorate, harden, or become slick with age all the while providing extremely durability and superior comfort.


AME Tri Mini Grips are slim allowing younger riders with small hands to firmly grip the bars all the way around.

AME Raised and lowered Pattern creates a No-Slip surface in wet or dry conditions.

 CAM Slots to reduce weight and create cushion feel for the hard-core rider who wants every part of their hand to feel the contour of the grip.

Black Only

Lenght: 100mm


Made in USA